Confidence in the Journey

I promised more updates on my prep and I've been a little tarty on that one.. so here is my newest update..

I’m sitting less than four weeks away from the WBFF Gold Coast stage! Oh my god where did that time go... eeek!

Everything from here on out becomes a little manic with the added conditioning, fasted cardio and HIIT sessions. But strangely enough I thrive on this kind of routine and feel empowered by the whole process.

These past few weeks have seen me working with my bikini designer Veve Swimwear putting together the finishing touches on my bikini, posing rehearsals with my wonderful posing coach Toby Harrison, changing my training and nutrition routine given to me by my beautiful coach Alicia Gowans, food prepping, last minute shopping for accessories and making sure everything that can be organised ahead of time is! Not to mention I am still working two full time jobs and all the other commitments that come with being a mum. Yep... I'm busy and honestly, I'm tired too.

However, four weeks out from stage and I am starting to feel pretty happy with my conditioning and how my physique is progressing. Like most, I always find something which needs to be improved on… but I still have time! Its amazing how fast the body starts to adapt and respond in these final few weeks of prep.

I have worked hard during these 20 odd weeks of prep and I must admit this has been one of the most enjoyable thus far. Maybe this is because I have a great coach, maybe it’s because I have a stronger mindset, maybe it’s because this is the first prep I have done as a vegan or maybe it’s a combination of everything. Whatever the reason, I'm happy.

In the past this has been where I have started comparing myself to the competition questioning if I will be ready, making myself feel anxious. Even now, on occasion I have the little seed of self-doubt which starts to take hold where my emotions are triggered and I consider pulling the pin. But I remind myself to trust the process and believe in myself. People assume the physical side of competing is the hard part! I often hear people say ‘you train how often’ or ‘you wake up at what time’. Truth is, the mental game is just as challenging, if not more so.

This stage of prep is when I must dig deep. Really focus on my why.

I have been through months of training, dieting and giving up my social life. This is when I knuckle down, when I MUST believe that it is ultimately all worth it!

In the past I have approached these final weeks saying ‘I can’t wait for it to be over’ OR ‘I can’t wait to eat this or that’. The biggest difference this time is I now say ‘I have four weeks left to absolutely smash this and do everything I can so I step on stage 100% happy, 100% proud’. I am also not having any cravings (except the almond butter, yes that’s still happening)...

All in all I am LOVING these last few weeks of prep! Seeing my body change daily is incredibly rewarding. This is the time that all the hard work starts to come together. Every day I wake up to something different, new lines, veins or striations.

“This is the time that sets the lions apart from the lambs. Where you find out who has it and who doesn’t. Who can push through, who can dig deep and who truly does believe in themselves enough to take what they want.” – Quote by Alicia Gowans





Comp prep is a mix of discipline, commitment, failures, triumphs and lessons. Having confidence in your own journey. It’s the ability to turn your challenges into successes, negatives into positives and when you think you have nothing else to give, reaching deeper inside and finding more.

My current weight is sitting around 60kg standing at 173cm tall.

My macros comprise of an equal mix of high and low carb days of between 120g and 150g carbs.

Calories are still around 1700 - 1800 per day.

Weight training 5 x per week with a mix of heavy compounds and high rep accessories.

3 x lower body days and 2 x upper body days.

2 x rest days.

3 x 20 minute HIIT sessions.

3 x 45 minute LISS sessions.

3 x Pilates sessions.

I am a busy mummy... but loving it!