Let's Talk Body Types - Training and Nutrition

Knowing your body type will help you to assess how your body stores fat, builds muscle and reacts to different types of training.

There are 3 body types:

  • Ectomorph

  • Mesomorph

  • Endomorph

All 3 are described below to help you determine your own body type and how to work around your own body’s attributes.


  • Fragile or thin frame

  • Tall, Small build

  • Not much body fat, or trouble in gaining weight

  • Hard to gain muscle

  • Fast metabolism

  • Quick results to changes in diet and training

Ectomorphs find it difficult to gain muscle mass, due to a fast metabolism; which burns calories at a rapid rate.

Ectomorphs need to have a higher calorie intake than an endomorph to maintain their muscle mass or gain muscle mass. (Of course this is clean food - not junk).


Should be short, lifting heavy, but with longer rest periods in between sets. If you are not trying to lose weight, cardio should be kept to a minimum as to not burn too much of your hard earnt muscle mass!


More weight training than cardio, keep clean calorie intake high.


  • Athletic, hard, muscular body

  • Grows muscle very quickly

  • Gains and/or loses weight very quickly

  • Body reacts fast to changes

  • Strong

A Mesomorph gains weight very easily and has a naturally fit and athletic body.

A Mesomorph’s body reacts, changes and gains muscle very quickly, especially for beginners, which is great as you will see results fast. However, Mesomorphs also gain fat quicker than Ectomorphs so along with weight training. Mesomorphs need to keep their cardio as a part of their routine along with weight training. This will ensure their body fat is decreasing whilst building their lean muscle mass.


Train moderate to heavy weights, but keep it at a steady intensity with not too long of a rest in between sets. Continue to keep your cardio and weight training combination to ensure you keep your body fat low whilst increasing muscle mass.


Maintain muscle mass with a combination of weight training and cardio to ensure you keep your body fat low and muscle mass high.

Eating small regular meals also helps to keep metabolism working.


  • Soft, high body fat

  • Rounded physique

  • Gains muscle easily

  • Struggles to lose weight

  • Under-developed muscles

  • Larger Stocky build

  • Slower metabolism than the other body types

Endomorphs need to focus on dropping body fat and keeping it off, rather than maintaining the body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Weight training should be increased to get a better muscle to fat ratio and therefore improve metabolism.

Generally cardio needs to be a high priority, or the implementation of supersets and short rest breaks. Endomorphs have a slow metabolism and need to train long and hard to start seeing weight loss results.

Don’t give up - it will happen!


Moderate weight training at a fast pace (very little rest between sets and exercises).

Weight training to be increased and for good results, needs to be a minimum of 1 hour a day, which is best done on an empty stomach before breakfast.


Keep cardio high along with regular weight training.

Track calorie intake and monitor regularly.

Results will be slower, but will happen with the right diet, training and consistency!

Regardless of your body type, results ARE possible. It just takes a sound knowledge around nutrition and training, but most importantly... CONSISTENCY!

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