My Journey to the WBFF Australia Stage

Hi guys!

I thought I would start blogging my journey throughout this bikini competition prep.

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently 12 weeks out from stepping on stage with the WBFF Australia on October 13th. This isn’t my first experience competing, nor is it my first time with WBFF. The difference this time is I MEAN BUSINESS! In previous times I have coached myself to stage and in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend this to many people. Sure, some people nail this aspect. For me, I wound up feeling a little lost and lonely.

Photo on the left was taken on stage back in 2016. Photo on the right taken today, 12 weeks out!

This time around I decided to call on the expertise of the beautiful Alicia Gowans WBFF Pro. I needed someone who could knock out those little comp prep demons who fill your head with naughty thoughts of almond butter and whole slabs of pizza. This bad ass woman was my go to!

My journey thus far hasn't been one of easy sailing, in fact one that closely resembled paddle boarding during a wind storm. We all have a story, that's what makes us who we are. We all struggle, without the struggles we wouldn't understand happiness. I truly believe everything in life happens for a reason.

Another quick update for those who don't yet know, I am a mother of 5 who suffered depression a few years ago now. This depression saw me go from a sickly underweight young adult (49kg standing at 173cm tall) to an over weight - late 20 something. I have since lost 28kg which is great, but this journey saw me over trained, under nourished, confused. My gut health, my skin, my mood, my hormones all suffered. All these things happened to me so I could learn. Every hurdle I met grew my knowledge and now I can pass this information on to my clients. I have walked the walk, talked the talk. I know now how TRUE HEALTH is so far from what society tells you it is.

Photos below are a few examples of my transformation from my first prep to now. My favorite one showing the difference in my skin. This is showing my gut health and hormonal balance improvements!

So anyway, now at 12 weeks out from the show I am starting to see things moving along. I can see the changes my body is making on a daily basis. More lines coming in, leanness that wasn’t there before starting to really show. Honestly, the only mind phuckery going on is with my hunger cues and eternal fascination with entire tubs of almond butter. I mean, almond butters good for us yeah? Yes, but possibly not in entire tub loads and possibly not when you eat it to the point of needing to tell you husband “sorry not tonight, I think I’m going to chunder chuck everywhere”… I didn’t, but boy was I close! Sorry dear!

To anyone going through something similar, my recommendation is to freeze that shit. I mean if you are that committed to an almond binge to allow an entire day of defrosting, then you seriously need that almond butter and you quite possibly need help ((jokes) maybe).

I am super happy with my progress. Calories are still relatively high and my cardio is near non-existent, which I love. Strength is increasing weekly and I feel good!

My current split resembles something like this:

Monday – Legs (high carb)

Tuesday – Upper Body, followed by 10 minutes HIIT (low carb)

Wednesday – Upper Body (high carb)

Thursday – Legs (low carb)

Friday – REST with a little fasted LISS (low carb)

Saturday – Legs (high carb)

Sunday – REST (low carb)

Last weekend was the WBFF Sydney show. I watched the live feeds with such anticipation and excitement! There seriously is something about the WBFF that just makes you feel like a princess or magical rainbow unicorn with glitter wings (that’s not just me, yeah?) maybe it’s the glitz, the glamour, the beauty? Maybe it’s the family that has been built or the strong women it produces. Far superior to any other federation, in my opinion. The winner isn’t just the leanest most sickly looking person. WBFF look for healthy, radiant, beauty, the kind of thing that can only shine from someone who lives the life, not someone who starved for 10 weeks and doesn’t know the difference between a squat and a lunge.

And how exciting was the new transformation division? Holy hell – just incredible!

Any who.. back to the point.. I am incredibly proud and feel incredibly loved to have some of my good friends coming to watch me compete. Travelling all the way from Adelaide to the Gold Coast to cheer me on! I best hear you ladies calling my number!

Other exciting news is that one of my friends has also committed to compete alongside me. This is not the first time we have stepped on stage together and our friendship that has grown proves that our competition is not each other, but ourselves. I am so happy to venture on this quest with her x

I am also unconditionally humbled to have the support of my gym, Fitness Factory Health Clubs who are sponsoring my journey. I have loved every minute since joining this gym / family. Their support means the world to me!

I plan to keep you all updated on the highs and lows that is prep.. let’s hope more highs than lows.

Until next time stay healthy, stay happy, keep moving.