The Most Delicious Vegan Sausage Rolls

Errrrrmergerdh! These, Are AMAZING!

Try this recipe on your non vegan friends and see if they spot the difference! High in protein and healthy fats.

Prep time

20 mins

Cook time

20 mins

Total time

40 mins




125g pecans Gluten free bread crumbs 1 brown onion 300g silken tofu 1 cup gluten free rolled oats 1 Massel beef-style stock cube 1 teaspoon garlic powder 3 tablespoons tamari sauce (you can use less - the end result will be less salty and brown, and therefore less resemble a 'real' sausage roll) ground pepper, to taste 3-4 frozen puff pastry sheets (~25cm square, ensure vegan friendly) almond or soy milk for brushing pastry sesame seeds


  1. My preferred way of prepping this filling makes maximum use of my food processor. If you don't have one, chopping and mashing will do the job just fine. Start by processing the pecans until they're thoroughly chopped, but not all gone to powder.

  2. Toss the bread crumbs in with the pecans and move onto the onion. Chop it into 8 chunks and process them briefly until they've a 'finely chopped' texture. Add them to the mixing bowl.

  3. Finally whizz up the tofu until it's a smooth mush. Add it to the mixing bowl, as well as the rest of the filling ingredients: rolled oats, a crumbled-up stock cube, garlic powder, tamari sauce and pepper.

  4. Stir everything together well.

  5. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C and lightly grease a baking tray.

  6. Thaw out your puff pastry, and slice each sheet in half so that it makes two rectangles.

  7. Spoon the filling down the centre third of each pastry rectangle; lightly brush another third with water or milk and then roll the pastry, starting from the empty third and tucking it into the brushed third. Slice the roll into halves, thirds or quarters as you wish and place them on the baking tray. Make a couple more diagonal cuts in the top of the roll, brush the top with more water/milk and sprinkle over some sesame seeds. Repeat with the remaining filling and pastry.

  8. Bake the rolls for about 20 minutes, until they're golden brown and flaky.

  9. Serve with lots of sauce - this one comes highly recommended.