My Vegan Story

Why is veganism so important to me?

Welcome to my vegan story...

“Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

I remember when I first came across the word VEGAN. Not completely understanding of the meaning, I decided to google it. After reading the first definition of what ‘vegan’ was, I felt even more clueless. It was confusing, veganism is has a huge span and it doesn't just stand for animal rights, but human rights too!

From that point onwards, I slowly began to understand more. You know the power that social media has? Of endlessly seeing new content. When you’re just in a whirlwind of clicking on a photo…then a hashtag…then onto someone else’s Instagram feed then some scrolling then, you know, I think you’ve got the idea. That was me, basically every night for a good while. I finally pieced together the difference between being a vegetarian and being a vegan and came to the conclusion that becoming vegan definitely made more sense to me. The idea of eating an abundance of plants truly sung complete HEALTH to me.

Then one day, as a personal experiment, I told myself I wouldn’t eat meat for a week to see if it was doable. Easy. Done. A week went by and I survived! I hadn't lost any muscle and I was feeling lighter, less bloated and full of energy! At this point I said to my family "we're going vegan, well I am" (but I also made it clear I would no longer be buying or holding any animal products in our home... sorry kids!

Still, at this point I was mostly in it for the health reasons, until... I came across a film called Earthlings and decided to give it a watch. Little did I know that it was a graphic, emotional documentary exposing the horrific practises of animal agriculture and the way humans treat animals for entertainment, fashion and how many can abuse their companionship. After watching the documentary, I was a wreck. I had never cried so much watching something in my life. It was that night, that I realised I could never eat meat again and this experiment has turned into something much more. It was in this moment I realised I wanted to be an ethical vegan. I wanted to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

As soon as I began to identify as a vegan, it’s like all other aspects of my life began to change as well. I feel like I began to question things more, and wasn’t afraid to be that one person, who didn’t conform and was the odd one out. I felt so much better about the food I was putting into my body – nourishing it.

I began to develop deep friendships with people who had such a similar ethical stance on life like me. I honestly cannot put into words how much veganism means to me or changed me. Maybe it’s not actually veganism that changed me. But it was the process of learning and just discovering and deciding things all for myself. I really had the power to change my life for a life that I wanted and would be happy with. And I liked that power and still do. Doing something for me, being selfish never felt so good.

Thinking back to who I was before, I believe I am so much more of a well- rounded, open- minded and accepting person now because of it. I honestly couldn’t be prouder of the person I am today. Still struggling with a bunch of things, but trying to consistently work on it because it’s just all a journey. But if the journey continues at the same rate and intensity as it currently is, I cannot wait for what the future has for me.

I can honestly say that I have never missed a single meat dish, which I thought I would. I enjoy showing my family that there are so many flavours to be enjoyed without harming animals or our environment. I have transferred all of our household products to be completely vegan (including environmentally friendly). I ditched my high end leather items and bought high end vegan leather items (which are even more beautiful! I mean how beautiful can dead animal skin be anyway?)

Not one of my nutrition clients identify as vegan but if you asked any one of them they would tell you they eat a huge amount more plants now than they ever did. And that every single one of them feels a million times better for doing so. And on top of that, my recipes are delicious (if I do say so myself).

Below I have compiled a small list of the ever expanding resources on veganism.

The must watch documentaries:

Earthlings (the ethics) –

Cowspiracy (the environment) –

Forks over Knives (your health) –

What the Health (your health) –

Why you shouldn’t consume dairy:

Why you shouldn’t consume meat:

Why you shouldn’t consume eggs:

Why you shouldn’t consume fish:

Is soy bad?

In my opinion – there are so many reasons to go vegan. It’s such a big part of who I am today and I believe that it’s made me a more conscious and open-minded human. All I want is less harm and violence in this world. And for others to be more kind to other animals, to themselves and to this place we call home.

My body is a garden - no longer a graveyard xo