Abdominals VS Core - Why your daily sit up routine might not be getting you the results you want

While genetics will always play a huge role in how they look. DNA is not the reason you aren’t seeing abs.

This photo shows your core muscles extend to far beyond your abs or 6 pack.

Developing the strongest core possible involves ALL of your muscles, not just those blocky abs you see (or don’t see) when looking in the mirror.

Let me cover the most common problems in core training. Once again, the key word here is core not abs. Rule #1 - learn to create tension. When people think of bracing their core they often just flex the 6pack muscle . When in truth this should also involve some level of spinal flexion too. If you’re standing up holding a lot weight during a deadlift, you want to make sure your spine is protected as much as possible by all your muscles. Learning how to create tension throughout your entire core is vitally important not only to how much you lift, but also preventing injuries to your lower back and helps develop those blocky abs you so badly want. Rule #2 - use your glutes in your core exercises. Yes I said glutes! News flash, they are actually your core too! Glutes have specific functions that directly impact the actions of your abs. Rule #3 - Breathing! How you breathe during a max weight squat, sprint, sparring session, or a yoga class should be very different. And learning how to tailor your breathing to specific activities won’t only make you better at what you’re doing, but it’ll also have a surprising core and ab benefit! If your unsure of how to implement any of the above I highly recommend you employ the help of a quality personal trainer. These are available at your local gym and will be happy to show you correct technique and breathing. Don’t forget diet plays a huge role in how your abs look! This is because like every muscle, body fat % obviously affects your results.

Anyone who is serious about developing, changing or maintaining their body composition should realise that diet is the number one key to success!

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