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Jackie Russell



WELCOME to Jackie Russell Fitness. I am so excited to be launching this website so I can help spread awareness on the impact of a healthy mind and body to achieving your fitness and aesthetic goals.


I am a 38 year old vegan and mother of 5 with high aspirations and a genuine passion for health and fitness.

I first became a qualified Personal Trainer over 10 years ago and have since continued to learn and grow from some of the most aspired leaders within the industry.

Forever moving forward and improving myself, I do not settle for mediocre, I strive for greatness. This mindset reflects into my coaching style where I help my clients build a strong foundation in health and fitness, guiding them to reach their dreams and goals. Without fail.

My love and passion for the fitness industry has lead me to become a natural competitor with the WBFF. I enjoy competing as it requires next level discipline and a strong mindset. It pushes me beyond the limitations I put upon myself.

I have a strong understanding and success rate with hormonal imbalances, thyroid function and insulin resistance which is all too common now, especially among women. Health has always been my number one priority and I have focused heavily on learning how to become the best versions of ourselves from the inside out!​

  • Do you feel anxious or confused about nutrition?

  • Do you suffer indulgent cravings?

  • Do you yo-yo diet constantly?

  • Do you want to learn how to nourish your body?

  • Do you want to learn how to lose fat and keep it off?

  • Are your hormones off balance?

  • Are you sensitive to carbohydrates?


Yes? Then you’re in the right place.


I can help!


  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Level 1 Wellness Coach

  • Certificate III Correctional Services

  • Diploma Event Management

  • Advanced Diploma Hospitality

  • Senior First Aid

  • I also have many other minor qualifications..



  • Health Coach

  • Weight Loss

  • Strength Training

  • Natural Bodybuilding

  • Cardiovascular Training

  • “Toning” and Muscle Gain

  • Body Recomposition

  • Sports Specific Training

  • Competition Coaching

  • Female Hormonal Support

  • Improved Gut Performance

  • Life and Mindset Coaching

  • Vegan Nutrition



One of the greatest tools to learn is the ability to discipline yourself. Success doesn’t lie in finding or keeping motivation, it lies in creating self discipline!

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  • Instagram - Black Circle


1 x 45 minute Personal Training session

Held at Fitness Factory Health Clubs, Mount Barker, SA, 5251

per fortnight


Nutrition Program

Spaces are currently full - please contact me to discuss the next available enrollment

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Whenever I was first introduced to Jackie I was on a weight loss and fitness journey that had reached a plateau and wasn’t going any further.


I always felt that weight loss was more than what you put into your mouth but no one I had met, up until this point, had the knowledge or skills to take me further. That soon changed.


My journey was hampered due to a long term chronic health condition and the number of food allergies and sensitivities that I developed over the previous 2/3 years was shocking to say the least.


The day I met Jackie was the start of the rest of my healthy life and boy did I up my game! Jackie guided me, supported me and effectively created the physical and mentally strong woman I am today. Without her intervention I would still be treading water, knocking my pan in 5/6 days a week at the gym and seeing no changes. Not any more! I have lost over 30 kilos and have never felt better, even when I was in my twenties, a police officer and therefore needed to be physically fit and healthy. I have one woman to thank..... and if you, like me have goals and determination to succeed, you will too!


There isn’t anyone better and I know because I searched on both sides of the globe!


After several years and tens of kilos of excess weight I was pointed in Jackie's direction to help with some very stubborn post baby chub. Six years later I am not sure I can really call it that anymore!


Happily I have consistently lost weight, yes even over Christmas, to a total of ten kilo in about three months.


The great thing is I feel satisfied with the quantity of the meals, however, I will confess that initially I thought they looked small and I would be hungry, but not so. I have managed to have the odd bad day but get back on track and no longer crave foods I used to.


For me though the best thing is that Jackie's plan has helped me to overcome some terrible, really terrible, habits and help me believe that I can get back into shape.


Jackie has changed my life.

Not only in the aesthetic sense but also internally.

Her knowledge is unrivaled. I love her weekly group messages which I find inspiring and insightful.

I came to Jackie depressed and "lost". I had tried everything and was still feeling flat and overweight.

I now understand that to change the way you look you first need to change the way you think.

I have lost a little over 18kg since starting with Jackie.

Her programs are also super affordable for those on a tight budget.

Forever grateful!

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